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Congratulations Quiet Man you have reached 60 Years !! !

2011 is the 60th Anniversary of the making of the Quiet Man Film and we at the Quiet Man Movie Club would like to mark the occasion by extending a warm welcome back to the West Of Ireland to Maureen O Hara. Maureen's visit at the end of August will bring back some fond memories for her as she will once again stay in Ashford Castle where she and the cast stayed while filming.

Due to many enquiries from our members at the *quietmanmovieclub.com* as to why we are not seen to be involved in the forth coming celebrations of the 60th Anniversary of the making of
The Quiet Man,We at the movie club would like to make it known that we were never asked or approached by the organisers for any input into next weekends events in Cong. We do however wish the people of Cong best wishes with their weekend celebrations.

Des Mac Hale & Paddy Rock


Who would have thought it? Sixty years after John Ford filmed The Quiet Man on location in the West of Ireland, the movie is still going strong, and some would say, going more strongly than ever. We now have many books on the film (eight at the last count), the first ever conference on a film (NUIG 2004),an active fan club, guided tours of locations, videos and DVD’s, the restoration of Pat Cohan’s, Se Merry Doyle’s excellent film documentary on Ford and the Quiet Man, several Quiet Man cottages and a Quiet Man celebration in Cong.
But most of all we have the fans, a whole new generation of them, who still come in their thousands every year to partake of the magic that Ford and his cast and crew captured on celluloid for all time.
In 1952, The Quiet Man won a miserly two Academy Awards—Ford’s record breaking fourth as director, and a well deserved colour cinematography award for Stout and Hoch, but it was denied the honour it so richly deserved, the award for best film. That went instead to Cecil B. De Mille’s The Greatest Show on Earth, which many felt was a decision reeking of Hollywood politics. Where is De Mille’s ‘masterpiece’ now? Nowhere! Never seen even on television, it is difficult to get even a DVD copy today.
Incidentally, Richard Farrelly’s haunting melody The Isle of Innisfree, surely one of the best movie songs ever written, did not get even an Oscar nomination, though it must be admitted that the winner in this category, Do Not Forsake Me O My Darling was a classy song too.
However we still have with us the star of the Quiet Man, our national treasure Maureen O’Hara. In her long and illustrious career she was never even nominated for an Oscar despite her many outstanding performances. All Quiet Man fans should renew their efforts to have her awarded an Honorary Academy Award in the near future.
So happy sixtieth birthday Quiet Man agus go maire tu I bfad!
Professor Des Mac Hale Chairman Quiet Man Movie Club.

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Welcome to all Quiet Man Movie Fans and a very special greeting to all of our members.

We hope you like our new look Quiet Man Movie Club format and we would invite members to use the site to share their favourite Quiet Man Moments with us and to seek the answers to all those questions you always wanted to ask but never could.

Lifetime membership is only €30 (converts to around US$42 or UK£28) and there are lots of benefits - you can comment on news stories with other members, avail of desktop wallpaper, print your very own official membership certificate and have a member's pint of the black stuff reserved in the Quiet Man Bar that is Pat Cohan's in Cong, Co. Mayo, Ireland - it'll be waiting for ye!

We look forward to talking with you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Paddy Rock
Quiet Man Movie Club Secretary

Quiet Man Movie Club
Welcome To The Quiet Man Movie Club

On behalf of the officers and committee of the Official Quiet Man Movie Club I want to extend to you a warm welcome to our website. This site will act as a friendly meeting place for all who are interested in this wonderful movie, a place where they can share their views with other Quiet Man fans, and also learn of the many exciting pieces of new information which surface from time to time.

We welcome your ideas for new activities - for example, we are currently pursuing plans to have a version of the Quiet Man in the Irish language and many of us feel that it is high time the the lovely Maureen O'Hara was awarded an honorary Academy Award for her contribution to the Motion Picture Industry. Remember it is your website, and we plan to meet your needs--we will have news of new publications, quizzes, hitherto unseen pictures of the shooting, in fact anything that will enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of our favourite movie.

So please don't hesitate to contact

Professor Des MacHale
Quiet Man Movie Club Chairman

Quiet Man Movie Club
Location Tours

Ireland tours of The Inisfree Experience for all Quiet Man movie fans.

The Inisfree Experience is a guided tour service through all of Quiet Man Country, stopping off at the following locations and more:

* Castletown and Inisfree locations
* Castletown Railway Station
* Danaghers House & Farm Yard
* The Quiet Man Bridge
* Lettergesh Beach (location for Race Scene)
* Ashford Castle
* Pat Cohan's Bar

You can arrange a full or half day tour of Inisfree to suit your needs - this is a tour that's all about what you'd like to see and do! We can collect you from any National or Regional Airport in Ireland and help you find accommodation if you haven't already booked it, with our nationwide chauffeur service.

This is a great opportunity for the real Quiet Man Fan to take in the beauty of Connemara as it is today and to imagine it as it was when the film was shot over fifty years ago. But for the cleverness of John Ford and his ability as a director to capture and exploit the beauty that he saw with the help of his friend Lord Killanin, not forgetting mother nature of course these locations would now be gone and lost forever. On your tour you will visit all of the existing outdoor locations used in the film and you will get an opportunity to stand where the stars stood over sixty years ago and you can even become Mary Kate, Sean Thornton or Michilín for a short moment in time.

Please see www.inisfreeexperience.com for more details on this tour.